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Saving money while doing your part for the environment is so popular nowadays that everybody wants to participate in this advocate. One way of reducing the harmful effects of climate change and global warming is by using energy-efficient lighting systems at home.  The most common energy saving lighting devices being used today are the compact fluorescent lamps or CFLs. These are the best and most affordable low energy bulbs used at homes and offices. This is because a standard light bulb consumes more energy as it turns energy into heat rather than light whilst CFLs, on the other hand, consumes less energy since the electric current makes its way through gas inside a tube and its tube coating glows brightly.

Low energy light bulbs use less energy as it generates the same amount of light as traditional lighting devices but remains cool to the touch. That’s why green advocates claim that if each household uses three or more energy saving light bulbs then there would be extra energy to run our nation’s street lights for a year. If only everyone will agree to do so, then our economy and environment will surely benefit from that.

Here are the other reasons why you should start using energy saving light bulbs:

- They last longer than standard home lighting devices. They can last up to six to fifteen years depending on the wattage type and lighting product.
- You can save as much as 75% of the energy you are using with traditional fluorescent lighting.
- They come in attractive designs and classic shapes and are usually slightly smaller than their standard lighting equivalents.
- Some CFLs and other energy saving bulbs have domestic dimmer switches to allow users to increase or reduce the light using a conventional light switch.
- It generates very little heat and is much safer to use in confined spaces.
-  They are also considered safe to use in areas where children stay and they don’t spark or burn up easily.

As technology continues to improve its design, size, and energy consumption, these special light sources will also continue to become even more cost effective over time. At present, low energy light bulbs are a great environmentally friendly and cost cutting addition to businesses, homes, and public premises. Hence, if you want to incorporate low energy lights into your home then now is the right time to do it. Also, if you wish to reduce your electricity fees and at the same time contribute a vital role to the protection of our environment then you can start by using low energy light bulbs at home.