Bringing Down Your Electric Bill With Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Creating a budget is a difficult task. However, you can reduce your monthly electric bill by making a few small changes around your home. One of which is by using compact fluorescent lamps instead of halogen bulbs. Fluorescent lights use considerably lower energy while halogen bulbs are not energy efficient.

If you wish to cut down on your electric bills and save more money, then start switching to compact fluorescent lamps. These low energy bulbs emit four times more light than any regular bulb. They have the same wattage but a longer lifespan of approximately 10,000 hours of burn time before dying out. At the same time, they use around fifty to eighty percent less energy as compared to their incandescent counterparts.

Even if low energy bulbs are a little bit pricey than the standard bulbs, its payback period is really short and you’ll definitely notice the difference on your bill as soon as you’ve installed them around your house.  You can save about 570 kilowatts in every 18-watt CFL’s lifetime by replacing your 75-watt incandescent lamp with it. According to Energy Saving Trust, you could save around £55 per year.

Low energy bulbs are a good choice since they use less energy thus they expel less greenhouses gases into our atmosphere. So when buying and using energy efficient lighting, you will not just see the difference in your electric bill but also do your part in reducing the greenhouse effect in our atmosphere.